The piano is a complex piece of artistry and engineering. The piano contains more than 200 strings that must be tuned separately. Together, these strings exert 40,000 pounds of pressure on the piano's structure. There are over 10,000 individual parts that when properly tuned, regulated and serviced combine to produce the beautiful sound of the piano.

With proper maintenance, your piano will bring a lifetime of musical enjoyment to you and your family. How often should your piano be tuned? On average, pianos should be tuned once or twice a year. How often you decide to have your piano tuned will depend greatly on humidity changes in your home and how often your piano is played. For students, learning to play the piano is also about ear training. A piano that is in tune helps to develop a student's ear and will make the most of their music education.

Growing up, I developed a love for music studying piano and violin. With an education in industrial design at Carleton University and furnituremaking at Sheridan College, being a piano technician brings together my passions. I received my training at the School of Piano Technology at the University of Western Ontario and apprenticed at the Tanglewood Music Center in 2005. I’ve been working full-time as a piano technician ever since!

Based in London and serving the surrounding area, I am committed to providing reliable, courteous service. You can contact me via phone or text at 519-318-2996, or via email at I look forward to hearing from you.

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